Welcome to the All-N Blog/Shortcast! 

This is the spot to get caught up on all the dope things happening with me but more than that it's a place where we get a chance to get know each other better. Like most creatives trying to find there way, I found myself either trying to fit in or completely hiding because the truth is I wasn't made to just fit in. Though I can vibe with anyone I don't vibe with everyone/everything and I like many of you I've just wanted to simply find my tribe. My tribe is full of warriors with great hearts filled with passion and a love that echos through the universe….Not to sound to trippy but my people vibrate high, in a real way. We find comfort in creating, in new experiences, in laughter, in love. If you're one the tribe I'm talking about please stick around as we grow together.  


I don't want to continue the algorithm fit for attention, I'd rather have a place where I can post what interest me and my people are able to see it and engage directly without a middleman.  On this blog you will find pictures, written post, audio & video shortcast about whatever topics cross my mind. I'll be posting about things I'm working on giving you a more intimate look into my process as well as getting your opinion on what's the best moves to make. I'm excited to get know you better and elated that I get to share more of me with you in the process. 


-Michael Alln